p.s.: Summer’s End first read-through

A brief follow-up to an earlier post on the Summer’s End read-through (week two of New Ideas). Playwright Francine Dick recently shared some of her thoughts regarding the first read-through last week:

“I am in awe of actors and directors.  They have such vision and see things that would never occur to me.  Sitting at the table for the first read-through of my play, Summer’s End, I was astounded how much depth my director could find in this little 10-minute piece.  And the actors created backstories for their charachters that could fill a Dickens novel.  At one point, Heather Mann asked me why they refer to their father as “Daddy” but their mother is never referred to as “Mommy.” I had no idea.  It was just how I wrote the play, but her question made me think deeper of what I had done.  I am so excited by their passion and professionalism and can’t wait to see my play brought to life by this talented group.”

Thanks Francine!

Looking forward to spending more time with the Summer’s End gang – likely at their first stumble-through before they open in week two of the New Ideas Festival.


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