New Ideas: week one reading

Another packed house yesterday at noon for the week one reading: Mythmaking (by JP Larocque, directed by Sandra Henderson).

With the help of her husband (played by James Roussel), a young woman (Kirsten Dahlin Nolan) sorts through her dead uncle’s belongings after his suicide – discovering some secrets and new perspectives on family, faith and relationships in the process – and meets a man from her uncle’s past (John Illingworth). History, storytelling and misinterpretation all figure into this thoughtful and compelling family drama.

The audience talkback that followed the reading was equally thoughtful, with discussions of how the play was submitted as an outline, with just the young woman, and the script mostly written in monologue. Gradually, characters and themes were pared down to focus on her point of view – and how her discoveries impact on her. Lots of opportunities for exciting and creative staging on this one – and I look forward to seeing it produced.

Nicely written, with Alum member Carolyn Zapf as dramaturge, and a strong cast. I’d tell you to come see this, but – being a reading – this was a one-time only thing. The play has been submitted to Summerworks, so we may get a chance to see it then.

The week two program – featuring Summer’s End, which I’ve featured in this blog throughout their casting and rehearsal process – opens this Wednesday (March 16) – those guys will be doing their tech runs today. Back on Thursday with the scoop on that opening.

Till then, happy NIFing!


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