GuineaPigging painting – spooky experience

At first I thought, ‘Damn, I forgot to mention this in yesterday’s post,’ – then I thought it would be good for this to have its own post anyway.

Friday night, Ed and I were finishing clearing things and cleaning up – Tabitha was gone at that point, I think, and PJ was in the lobby – I was onstage and Ed was offstage somewhere. When he came back onstage, he asked me if I’d just been downstairs or on the stairs. I hadn’t. He paused for a moment, and got the chills (though Ed is often cold over there these days) – and said he heard someone on the stairs (the ones going down to the dressing room and workshop).


Although, I have to say, I’m back stage and downstairs by myself quite often and I never hear or see a damn thing. What a rip!


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