GuineaPigging behind the scenes: set painting

As I mentioned in my reply to Tina’s comment on the ‘Painting GuineaPigging’ post, here’s the promised footage of some magic we worked while painting the GuineaPigging set. To the best of my knowledge, I’m the only LGBT person working on this production, so we felt that this was an important element for the set:

That’s set/lighting designer Ed Rosing to the left of the screen and voice-over/camera work by co-producer PJ Hammond. Hard to tell from the clip, but I’m wearing my Recovering Catholic t-shirt.

p.s. In other Alumnae-related news, Paul Hardy and Heather Braaten’s restaurant Zocalo, made it to NOW Magazine’s Best Brunch list:   I can certainly vouch for this, as I had brunch there on Saturday with Alum pals Catherine and Martha Spence.


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