GuineaPigging opens in one week!

Wow, just look at the time. GuineaPigging opens one week from tonight, can ya believe it?

Another hardy (not to mention silly) painting crew was out last night for the last big painting push. Crew included our intrepid, multi-tasking co-producers PJ Hammond and Tabitha Keast (who was having some big fun early on pulling the needles out of syringes). Yep, no foolin’. And the syringes were left over from… you guessed it: Wit! We were also joined by fabuloso Margot Devlin (who, for once, wasn’t SMing this show), as well as my pal Lies Lambermont (who helped Marysia and I on the Hound/Magritte set and was coming in after some all-nighter project work for school). By the way, Ed solved the mystery of the awful glaze incident during the painting of the Hound/Magritte set: that glaze was oil-based. Mystery solved!

I mostly worked on the door unit (which appears in the last scene). <sigh> And it was my last time gripping Jeremy’s pole and squeezing Mike’s big gun. To be frank, I think everyone had a grip on Jeremy’s pole at some point.

Painting pole and caulking gun. Pu-lease! (Sorry Margot, should have given you a warning on that one.) Jeremy Smith (Tabitha’s adorable hubby and also AD of Driftwood Theatre) loaned us this nifty metal (and extendable) painting pole and actor Mike Vitorovich (also our Master Carpenter) brought in his caulking gun to seal up holes and seams in the flats. And at the very end, a second coat of glaze on the floor for good measure (courtesy of Tabitha and Margot) while I finished up the door unit and Lies cleaned up.

The set looks amazing, folks – we’re all very happy with it. Oh! If you haven’t checked it out yet, scroll down to the last post for the link to some very special behind the scenes footage of set painting for this show.

Going to head to the Alumnae website and book some tix for GuineaPigging now. I suggest you do the same:

p.s. – just got this photo of Mike from PJ. He was down in the workshop, working on the casino sign. The Facebook description reads: Mike Vito Actor, Carpenter, Crazy Man. Thanks PJ!


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