GuineaPigging buzz

Hey kids – didn’t mention this in yesterday’s post ‘cuz I thought it deserved one of its very own.

While I was out at Amicus Productions’ Having Hope at Home on Friday night, the folks sitting in front of me were talking about GuineaPigging. Our gal Tina McCulloch had arranged for bookmarks to be put in the programs – and they were noticed! I started chatting with them and turns out they were at a reading of an early draft at what sounded like a Big Ideas reading – and they were excited to see that it was getting a full production.

Always great to hear that folks enjoy work they’ve seen at Alum, especially as this was a while ago. They also mentioned seeing an early draft read of Ashes to Ashes – and loved Liam Doherty as the funeral home guy. Shout out to Tony and his friends for saying such nice things about these original Alum works!

So there you have it – folks remember us and, most importantly, want to come back.


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