Toronto Fringe – so far

The Toronto Fringe Festival opened last Wednesday (July 6), and so far I’ve managed to see six plays:  “Mute” (which was a lucky chance – I arrived at the Fringe box office too late one evening to purchase a 9-play pass, but was accosted by folks from “Mute” handing out free Word of Mouth tickets to their show in an hour!), Kat Leonard‘s delightful “A Depper Kind of Love“, “Queer Bathroom Monologues“, Stephen Flett and Leeman Kessler in  “Wishes Are Horses“, Brenda Somers and John Illingworth in the chilling “Saved” (it was definitely NOT chilly in the positively STEAMY Factory Studio – dress lightly!), and Rosemary Doyle in the heartbreaking Alzheimer’s tale “Remember, Maggy?” .

Former Alumnae bloggergal Cathy McKim  now has her own blog, which includes  a handy-dandy list of Alumnae folk who are appearing in the Fringe:

as well as reviews of the shows she’s seen.  Check it out.

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