Announcing the 2011/12 season: Lunacy. Sheer, total lunacy. (Oh, and a dog)

Have you heard about Alumnae Theatre Company’s upcoming season?  We’re calling it “Lunacy.  Sheer, total lunacy.  (Oh, and a dog)”.  It so happens that most of the plays this season deal with madness, craziness, or insanity in one form or another. There’s the mad Mrs. Rochester and her creator Jean Rhys in After Mrs. Rochester, middle-age crazy in Sylvia, the insanity of war and its victims in The Trojan Women, and lunatics taking over the asylum in Così.

And do you like the visual theme?  It’s courtesy of Alumnae’s very own Web Goddess, Suzanne Courtney.   When giving her the brief to design the image, I suggested she think about moons (re: lunacy) and there should be a dog.  She came up with the brilliant and beautiful recurring theme of the starry sky and curtains.  There’s a different moon, dog and colour of curtains in the image for each play.  Check ’em out!

Read the full press release, and bios of the season directors at

The madness starts on September 23

You can subscribe to the whole season – that’s all four plays plus everything in the 3-week New Ideas Festival – for a grand total of $75.

Think about it:  that’s less than $11 per evening of entertainment!  You can’t even see a first-run movie for that price anymore.


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