Song & dance in “After Mrs. Rochester”

Last night’s rehearsal was mostly devoted to the chorus girls (which is everyone in the cast except Bertha and Jean) learning the song “All Down Piccadilly” and its associated choreography, devised by director Laura Roald.  If you want to read the sheet music & lyrics, check out

The song comes from a 1909 musical comedy called “The Arcadians” which was a huge hit in its time.

A [modern] performance of it by a solo male singer can be seen on Laura’s blog at – the chorus girls in After Mrs. Rochester will perform a much perkier version of the song’s chorus, which is at 1:37 – 2:07 on the video.  Top hats for the guys, fancy feathered chapeaux and ruffled skirts for the gals, flirting with the audience (pre-jazz hands, when the sight of an ankle was an erotic experience) – it’s gonna be a blast!

One note Laura gave the girls about a section of choreography was:  “It’s a bounce down, chest up and boobs out.”

And actually, Jean (played by Susan Q Wilson) does sing in the scene, which takes place in her memory.  Her time with the chorus was a happy one, so in the ‘present’ (1957) she sings along lustily, bottle of vino in hand.

But before the song & dance started, we had notes from our run the night before.  Must share one with you.

DIRECTOR to actor:  “Laine, that was good sex.  The right combination of technicality and tenderness.”

New actor Kanika Ambrose, who will play the roles of Tite, Meta, and one of the chorus girls, had quite a workout!  Keriece Harris has had to leave the cast, so last night we rehearsed most of the scenes in which Kanika will appear.  It’s looking very good!

Please note, the show will now close a day early: on FRIDAY, October 7 instead of Saturday 8th.


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