Audiences have spoken…

After Mrs. Rochester:  four performances in, and looking forward to the next seven! Here are a few quotes from audience members:

  • Really enjoyed the play (I love when you have to pay attention to where in time you are!) and thought all the performances were terrific – really well cast and enjoyed the all-girl approach as well – it was very interesting.  [This] show should be seen!

  • I thought it was an exceptional production. The play is fascinating with all its layers and time shifts. The director handled it seamlessly. I loved the women playing the men’s roles; all were excellent. Very intriguing. This is a play that demands something from its audience, but the audience is justly rewarded. Go see it!

    • It is one of the best plays I’ve ever seen. The entire cast is brilliant and the play itself is beyond captivating and intense.
    • I have read both Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea.  This play was captivating!  Highly impressed – will be back!

And if you haven’t yet clicked on the link in a previous post to Mooney On Theatre’s review (, here are some excerpts from reviewer Crystal Wood:

 After Mrs. Rochester, written by playwright Polly Teale, looks at the life of Jean Rhys, the author of Wide Sargasso Sea – a sort-of prequel to Jane Eyre. Rhys’s life connects in many ways to Brontë’s book, starting from her childhood growing up in the West Indies where Rochester’s character meets his mad wife. Teale’s play follows Rhys from her strict childhood to her time spent as a young showgirl in London through to the publication of her most famous book.

This is a play with many layers, both emotionally and literally. It’s about a writer who wrote a book because of an obsession with another book… It really feels like you’re watching three stories unfold at once, but because of Teale’s script and some very efficient direction from Laura Roald, it never feels confusing….

I enjoyed this production very much … I encourage theatre fans to go see it.

So what are you waiting for?   The show only runs to Friday October 7 (that’s a week from tomorrow) at Alumnae Theatre.  See for details, and e-mail to reserve tickets. $20 regular price, and there are deals on Wednesdays, Sundays and at T.O. Tix (

  1. ELLA (Jessica Rose – seated, right) has a visitor at the convent.
  2. MOTHER (Julie Burris, standing, left):  “Your uncle is extremely kind to make the effort to come to see you.”   Tabitha Keast (seated, left) as the ‘UNCLE’.  (and you know he’s not really her uncle)                   Photo:  Dahlia Katz,

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