“After Mrs. Rochester” – the end

After Mrs. Rochester closed on Friday, October 7.  It was a fantastic experience and a wonderful show.  All who were involved are so proud of it, and amazed and delighted by the unprecedented amount of feedback it generated.

The last thing I read about Jean Rhys was a book of her letters 1931 – 1966, compiled by her editor Diana Athill and author/journalist Francis Wyndham.  In one of the last, a letter to Athill dated February 15, 1966, Jean explained her motivation for writing her long-in-the-works masterpiece Wide Sargasso Sea, now regarded as a prequel to Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre:  “I’ve never believed in Charlotte’s lunatic [Bertha, the first Mrs. Rochester], that’s why I wrote this book…”   Wide Sargasso Sea was finally published in October 1966, and remains a beautiful legacy to Rhys’ unhappy life.



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