Two of the “Sylvia” cast talk about their pets

Thought it would be interesting to ask the cast of Sylvia about their experiences with pets.  Here are the first two responses – I’ll post more as they come in.  Hmmm – there seems to be an ‘accident-prone turtle’ theme and a lot of maternal fibbing around first pets – see question #2!

Q:           First of all – a very important distinction:  are you a cat person or dog person?

A:         Dinah Watts (Kate) – I am a cat person.  I tolerate dogs (barely).

A.    Andrew Batten (Greg) – Meow!

Q:           What was the name and type of your first pet?

A:         Dinah Watts (Kate) – The first pet I remember was a turtle named Tinker, but he committed suicide with a piece of lettuce (at least that’s what my mother told us).

A.         Andrew Batten (Greg) – I think it was two turtles – Benjamin and Ron.  Apparently they got out of the bowl and there was some sort of accident involving the vacuum cleaner.  My Mom never gave me the details.

Q:           If you see dogs in the park or on the street, are you compelled to pet them?

A:         Dinah Watts (Kate) – Rarely – some dogs are nice, but I usually avoid strange ones.
A.    Andrew Batten (Greg) – Only if they are being walked by a cat.

Q:           Do you currently have a pet?  If so, tell us about it.

A:         Dinah Watts (Kate) – Not at the moment, we just lost our little cat Phoebe in August.

A.    Andrew Batten (Greg) – Two pets, Sarah Valentine, a cat, and T-Bone.  He’s a dog but he wears a cat suit.

Q:           Do you think animals can teach humans something?  What?

A:         Dinah Watts (Kate) – Yes. Animals are simple people – they teach us how to love without thinking about it. They are also invaluable for warmth (literally), hilarity, and keeping us on schedule.
I think anyone who has a loving animal in their life knows they are very lucky.

A.    Andrew Batten (Greg) – Naps are good.  Licking eye lids is a perfectly legitimate way to greet someone.  And we should all be able to catch Frisbees with our teeth.

Andrew Batten (as Greg) and Douglas Tindal (as Tom) discuss dogs and women. Photo: Ramona Baillie.


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