“Sylvia” cast member Mary Joseph talks about dogs

Another Sylvia cast member – Mary Joseph, who plays androgynous marriage counselor Leslie – just sent her responses to the quiz (see previous post titled “Two of the Sylvia cast talk about their pets”), as well as a photo of her adorable puppy Misha.  Read on!

Q:           First of all – a very important distinction:  are you a cat person or dog person?

A:    I am definitely a dog person.

Q:    What was the name and type of your first pet?

A:    I have never been without a dog. We always had cute little cocker spaniels when I was growing up.

Q:    If you see dogs in the park or on the street, are you compelled to pet them?

A:    Only if they are cute!

Q:    Do you currently have a pet?

A:    When I became an adult and moved out on my own, I switched to golden

retrievers. My current retriever is a beautiful white haired English Golden.

Here is a picture of her when she was a pup. Her name is Misha. She has the

most gorgeous eyelashes ever.

Mary Joseph's dog Misha as a puppy

Q:    Do you think animals can teach humans something?  What?

A:    Patience and unconditional acceptance.


Sylvia runs November 11 – 26

Alumnae Theatre – 70 Berkeley Street, 3rd floor Studio


2-for-1 Wed; $20* Thu/Fri/Sat; PWYC Sun.  (No performances on Mon or Tue).

*Tickets for Thu/Fri/Sat can be purchased online at www.totix.ca

Reservations/cash at the door at 416-364-4170 Box 1 or reservations@alumnaetheatre.com



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2 responses to ““Sylvia” cast member Mary Joseph talks about dogs

  1. Ann Atkins

    ‘Sylvia’ deserves a sell out every night. Fabulous, talented cast, you feel every emotion and will laugh your head off. Thanks Alumnae, another great success.
    signed long time Alumnae subscriber

  2. Thank you, Ann! Audiences really seem to love this show – some great comments at yesterday’s Talkback.

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