Another “Sylvia” interview: Douglas and Kay’s backstage stories

I asked the cast how the show’s been going so far – four performances in.  Kay Montgomery (Phyllis) reports happily that  “A couple of lovely ladies came opening night, and enjoyed it so much that they came back for the Sunday matinee!”

Love to hear stuff like that.

Phyllis (Kay Montgomery - right) gives Kate (Dinah Watts) some strong advice. Photo: Bruce Peters.

Kay also mentioned that she suspects one of Alumnae Theatre’s resident ghosts of hiding her earrings.  Hmm – I know at least one of them enjoys flickering lights and moving furniture, so wouldn’t be at all surprised…  If you’re new to this blog, and want to read about some ghostly encounters at the theatre, check out :

And now, enjoy some Q & A with a couple of the very real “Sylvia” cast!

Q :        Do you, or the cast as a whole, have any pre-show rituals?

DOUGLAS TINDAL (Tom):   Can I tattle?  Dinah [Watts] and Andy [Andrew Batten] do a silly walk.  Mary K [stage manager Mary Keenan] counts us down and then throws the “places” to Steph [ASM Stephanie Souille].  Gerry [lighting operator Gerald Croteau] appears from somewhere at about 15 minutes to and stands in the doorway for a bit.  Kay [Montgomery] sets out her lunch for intermission.  Lea [Russell] does great stretching.  Mary J [Mary Joseph] gets half suited, like a track star at the end of the race.  I sit in the corner, and Dinah and Kay tell me to stop singing.

KAY MONTGOMERY (Phyllis):  Fortunately, I’m only in Act I, so I can start relaxing sooner and have my first glass of wine for the day.  The next big hurdle is not to get too relaxed and miss my curtain call….

Q:         Any funny anecdotes about stuff that’s happened onstage or in the dressing room?

DOUGLAS TINDAL (Tom):  The dressing room is a very bubbly place. Of the dressing rooms I’ve known, this is the bubbliest.

KAY MONTGOMERY (Phyllis):  I am suffering from the ‘Missing ear-ring’ syndrome, one at a time, one personal one and one costume one.  We do have a ghost at the Alumnae Theatre, and I’m blaming him, especially since my costume ear-ring showed up at home!

Q:         If you don’t already have a pet, has this show inspired you to adopt one?

DOUGLAS TINDAL (Tom):  No no no no no no no. Nope. Uh-uh. No.

KAY MONTGOMERY (Phyllis):   Never owned a pet, but I’m definitely in line to adopt Lea!

Q:         Would you prefer a full house of quiet people, or a small but loudly appreciative audience?

DOUGLAS TINDAL (Tom):  Wednesday’s audience was the latter:  small but very engaged and appreciative. They were the best so far.

KAY MONTGOMERY (Phyllis):  Definitely the latter.

** BONUS QUESTION (and you should stop reading **NOW **if you don’t want to be spoiled):

Who is that lovely dog in the photo at the end of the show?

KAY MONTGOMERY (Phyllis):  It’s a female named Sadie, and she’s owned by a member of the company.  (Guess who!)

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