NIF 2012 – cold readings #2 (November 22)

24 people attended night #2 of the cold readings – a mix of actors, playwrights, directors, stage managers.   Oh, I should make it clear that these were ice-cold readings – the actors were handed a script sometimes just as they went up to a table to read!  Tonight we heard three short plays:

Worms For Sale (written by Stacy Gardner, to be directed by Janina Kowalski) ran approx. 25 minutes.  A self-confident 18-year old Newfoundland girl, having an affair with her teacher, anticipates a move to Toronto with her family.  Stage directions called for a lot of songs by The Irish Decendants and Gordon Lightfoot!

The Jewel In The Crown (written by Diane Forrest, to be directed by Sukumar Nayar) ran approx. 20 minutes.  Set in 1980’s Bali.  A middle-aged Canadian widow, writer of romance novels (read by New Ideas Festival co-founder Kerri MacDonald), meddles in the new affair of a local boy and an English tourist.

Everything Blows Away (written by Kelly DuMar, to be directed by Chelsea Ferrando) ran approx. 10 minutes.   A couple – sensitively read by Heather Allin and David J. Phillips – have a verbal sparring match while organizing photos.  Lovely poetic language.  It sounded to me as if the husband had had an affair that the wife couldn’t forgive (she insisted that a particular photo was not of her – “I never wear red”), but Heather told me afterwards that her interpretation was that there was no affair; he had simply become emotionally unavailable.  Hmmm.

All the playwrights of tonight’s scripts were present except Kelly DuMar, who lives near Boston, and all the directors except Sukumar Nayar.  Readers tonight included Leah Holder, Amy Myers, David J. Phillips, Brett Haynes, John Rammell, Kerri MacDonald, Roselyn Kelada-Sedra, Heather Allin.


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