NIF 2012 – cold readings #4 (November 30)

This was final night of the New Ideas cold reads – so all 15 plays (12 short productions, plus 3 which will be staged readings in the Festival) have now been read aloud for the writers and directors.  About 15 people attended last night (including directors David Suszek and Peter Bloch-Hansen, and one of the writers, Gerry McBride) , when two plays were read.  David videotaped the first reading for his playwright, Eugenie Carabatsos, who lives in New York.

In Their Glory (written by Eugenie Carabatsos, to be directed by David Suszek) ran approx. 1 hr 20 mins.   This full-length play will be one of the staged readings in the Festival.  It calls for two playing areas to indicate two different times.  In the past (an unspecified era) young soldiers occupy a bunker and fight in an unspecified war.  In the present, the widow of one soldier meets with two other wives to bring them a box of mementoes and lay their doubts and grief to rest.  Interesting convention of the soldiers moving from one playing area to another as the wives recall pre-war incidents.

Less Than A Second (written by Gerry McBride, to be directed by Peter Bloch-Hansen) ran approx. 40 mins.  Lilly has only a split second to make a choice to avoid a car accident – go right, go left, or stay the course?   Live a coward, or die a hero?  Decide!  Chance and his two Minions freeze time and show her the events and choices of her past that lead up to this moment.  Very funny dialogue.

Readers tonight included  Robert Rainville, Taylor Marie Graham, Tina McCulloch, Luke Marty, Lindsey Alston,  Zahir Gilani, Andrew Joseph Richardson.

The writers and directors have now all had a chance to hear the scripts, and the actors who attended and/or read have a good idea which play(s) to audition for!  The audition notice will be posted on Alumnae’s website ( in the next few days.  Auditions begin January 3.


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4 responses to “NIF 2012 – cold readings #4 (November 30)

  1. I’m so intrigued by this New Ideas Festival! I would love to do something like this in my area. And I love the idea of “A Split Second.” Wish I could be there to see it when it goes up.

  2. Hi, Maren –
    New Ideas is a fascinating Festival that’s been going strong for 24 years (as of 2012). Alumnae Theatre Company is located in Toronto (Canada), and there are a couple of loyal visitors who travel here every year from the U.S. (rural New York state, to be specific) just to see it! Where are you?


    • I’m in Utah now…will be moving to Seattle, Washington soon. As a student it can be hard to do that kind of traveling. But I would love to someday. I’m sure it would be worth every second.

  3. CORRECTION: Not all the plays were read. “Our Eliza” by Megan Coles (Week One) and “Gloria’s Guy” by Joan Burrows (Week Three) were not part of the pre-production cold readings.

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