Audience raves for “The Trojan Women”

Alumnae Theatre Company’s production of The Trojan Women opened on Friday (January 21)), directed by Alexandra Seay.  I will review it in another post, but for now, here are some words from audiences who saw it this weekend:

The chorus of The Trojan Women. Photo: Dahlia Katz


  • Saw The Trojan Women on opening night.  It’s bloody brilliant!  A marvellous piece of theatre you must not miss.  Congratulations to everybody involved.


  • We just got back from this afternoon’s matinee performance of The Trojan Women.  Truly magnificent.  It was wonderful – really powerful. First rate all round.  We really enjoyed it.
  • Congratulations…. a very good production.  My friend and I discussed the issues almost all the way home.  Unfortunately, the theme is still valid….and probably will be as long as we humans walk the earth.
  • I saw the show last night and it’s really amazing… the whole concept of the production and the use of the chorus. I loved it! Hope you all get to see it
  • …just blew us away last night… “we were gobsmacked”. Visually the production was gorgeous….we all continued to sit in silence after the final curtain.
  •  That was a great evening of theatre. I was riveted by the words, the stage design and above all by the performances … so powerful and so moving. What a terrific theatrical event!
  • The show was terrific and [Molly Thomwas] the real Hecuba! The show swirled around [her] powerful performance.

    Molly Thom (L, in grey) as Hecuba, former Queen of Troy. Sochi Fried (R, in white) as her daughter Cassandra. Photo: Dahlia Katz


So what are you waiting for?  If you’re in Toronto, book a ticket and come see it ASAP! or phone 416-364-4170 box 1.

The Trojan Women runs to February 4, with showtimes Wed – Sat at 8pm, and Sunday Jan 29 at 2pm, followed by a Talkback.  Tickets are 2-for-1 on Wednesdays, PWYC on Sunday, and $20 for other nights.



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