Last 2 chances to catch “The Trojan Women”! (and a review)

There are only two more performances of The Trojan Women at Alumnae Theatre – tonight (Friday Feb 3) and tomorrow (Saturday Feb 4) at 8pm.

Still on the fence?  Check out this report from new online quarterly The Toronto Review Of Books

Why is a site about books reviewing a stage production, you may wonder.  Well, according to their website, “Books are our inspiration, not our limit” – TRB reviews not only the written word, but art, policy, websites and culture of all kinds.  Check out their blog, Chirograph at

One quote from the review jumped out at me:

“…it is Molly Thom’s performance of Hecuba, the ravaged dethroned queen of Troy, which is certainly the play’s crowning achievement. Thom expertly illustrates the despair, enduring wisdom and wry humour that characterize the once-great queen. Despite the play’s somberness and fatalism, Thom’s Hecuba offers comic relief in a perfectly droll tone, bringing out the tragicomic element of MacEwan’s adaption.”

Molly Thom as Hecuba, former Queen of Troy. Photo: Dahlia Katz

Convinced now?  Book a ticket at or call 416-364-4170 box 1.



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