Accordion needed for “Cosi”!

One of the props needed for this wacky show is described in Australian-speak as a “piano-accordion”.  That’s just an accordion, to you and me.  Like this:







We are a poor theatre company, and those things are expensive to rent.  If anyone has an accordion they’re willing to lend from now until April 29, that would be amazing.

What’s in it for you?  A bunch of free tickets to the show, mention in the program, and our deep gratitude.   Please contact for more info.





Filed under 2011/12 season, Cosi

3 responses to “Accordion needed for “Cosi”!

  1. I guess the one you used for A Delicate Balance was rented (?).

  2. Yes, and because we want to get this one ASAP so “Zac” can start working with it, to rent an accordion for 9 weeks (rehearsal + production period) would eat up a huge chunk of the budget that we can’t afford.

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