Review of Toronto Irish Players’ production of “The Lonesome West”, running on Alumnae Theatre’s stage until March 10.

life with more cowbell

You always hurt the one you love.

Martin McDonagh’s play The Lonesome West is a dark comedy about the battling Connor brothers, Valene and Coleman, whose constant petty fighting comes to a head with the death of their father. Playing referee, and trying to shepherd the brothers to some kind of reconciliation and redemption, is young Father Welsh – all witnessed by local school girl Girleen, who works delivering poteen (potent Irish moonshine) around the village.

Directed for the Toronto Irish Players (TIP) by Jim Ivers and produced by Geraldine Browne, The Lonesome West has an excellent cast. Stephen Farrell (Valene) and Ronan P. Byrne (Coleman) are both hilarious and brutal as the squabbling brothers, their family history littered with petty arguments and harsh acts of revenge. Foul-mouthed and childish, and constantly at each others’ throats, they seem to be on the verge of killing each other at any moment…

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