More stuff from “Così” rehearsals – oh, the things we say…

Tweets that should have been:

Sociopath CHERRY (Patricia “PJ” Hammond):  Don’t cream your pants, Roy.

Manic depressive ROY (Mike Vitorovich, in a sotto voce ad lib):  Too late for that.


Pyromaniac DOUG (Matt Brioux, leering at Lewis’ girlfriend LUCY- Joanne Sarazen):  Great tits.

Director Jane Carnwath:  You’re pushing buttons.

Matt (enjoying it):  Yeah, it’s awesome.


Over-medicated musician ZAC (James Warner) to bemused Così Fan Tutte director LEWIS (Jamieson Child):  Now, what do you reckon we finish with the destruction of Valhalla?

Director Jane Carnwath:  Put a little more neon around “destruction of Valhalla”.


Slightly ad-libbed line from LEWIS to his politically-minded friend NICK (Ryan Kotack), just before they come to blows:  I said, don’t sing that song, dude!


CHERRY:  Once I get out of here, it’ll be wham, bam, thank you Lewis.

Director Jane Carnwath:  This is Cherry’s idea of total romance.


And the most awesome quote of all – which actually did get Tweeted (thanks, PJ!) – comes from our lovely Stage Manager, Margot Devlin.  Background:  we are rehearsing in a rented space (the theatre is booked up until March 10) with residences above.  A couple of residents have complained about the noise we make, and one person noted that the sounds were “violent and disturbing”.  (Hey, it’s a comedy, but we are playing crazy people.)  Last night we were working on a scene from the opera Così Fan Tutte, which the asylum inmates are performing with great gusto if not skill. One of the lines (LEWIS) is “We’ll make these rooms flow with blood.”  Another (RUTH) is “Kill me with your sword now.”.

Keeping in mind that resident’s tender sensibilities, Margot urged us all to keep the volume down, especially on words like “BLOOD” and “KILL”.  Yeah, awesome.

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