“Così” rehearsal: Act II, Scene 1/New Ideas opens tonight

Last night’s rehearsal (March 13) was devoted to the first scene of Act II.  In which the nearly-mute Henry (Christopher Kelk) wows us with his singing – in Italian, no less!  Yeah, Roy (Mike Vitorovich) – you knew he could do it all along, right?  Ruth (me) obsesses about centering a bucket JUST SO under a drip from the hole in the ceiling.  Cherry (Patricia Hammond) has a “shocking” idea about how to make a scene in the opera more realistic, and enjoys the demonstration way too much.  Heroin addict Julie (Laura Vincent) wants what Zac (James Warner) is on.  Zac, who’s been stealing drugs from the pharmacy, rouses from his spaced-out state to reveal hidden talents.  Roy and Julie share their dark philosophies about love and madness, and director Lewis (Jamieson Child) tries to keep everyone’s spirits up and energies focused.  And then the lights go out…

ZAC’s line when the lights go out:  “Hey, let’s have an orgy!”

DIRECTOR to ACTOR (James Warner):  You get up from the piano and try to find someone – anyone – to have an orgy with.

ACTOR (James Warner):  I’m all over it!

ACTOR  (Patricia Hammond) to DIRECTOR (Jane Carnwath) re: moving during the blackout scene:   Jane, can we freak the audience out?  I want to go right to the edge of the stage.


During one run-through of Roy’s uncharacteristically serious speech (“Hate is a much more pure emotion.  We choose our enemies with greater care than our lovers…”), stage manager Margot Devlin got the giggles, causing Mike V to lose his concentration, and shoot her a mock glare, and several of us to join in the giggle.

Director  Jane Carnwath commented: “Upstaged by the Stage Manager!”

Margot later explained that she was watching James (Zac) preparing for his entrance (“Enter the genius!”) which comes after Roy’s speech, and he was goofing around, highlighted by a light at the top of the theatre aisle.   At the end of rehearsal, Jane mentioned that this will be the most complicated scene to stage, encompassing so much action (including fight sequences – Fight Director Paul Babiak will teach us how to do that safely), movement in the dark, and character revelations.  Fun, fun fun!

New Ideas Festival 2012 opens tonight – and it is SOLD OUT!  So is tomorrow (March 15), but tickets are still available for the rest of this week, so you have a few chances to see the Week One program.  The festival runs to April 1 in the Studio at Alumnae Theatre.  Book now at reservations@alumnaetheatre.com


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