New Ideas – Week One in review

Theatre maven and frequent Alumnae lighting designer Michael Spence commented that The Man With The Butterfly Hat was “a little gem”. My early favourite, dating back to November when the cold readings of the scripts were held (see, was Lover’s Flight. In production, I was impressed with the performances and innovative staging of  Let My Mind Run Dry, and the old Newfie dad (Douglas McLauchlan) in
Our Eliza was a scream.

life with more cowbell

So now that we’re all recovering from St. Patrick’s Day festivities, here’s a run-down of Alumnae Theatre’s New Ideas Festival Week One reading and program from yesterday afternoon.

In the noon reading, Eating Pomegranates Naked, by Andrea Scott and directed by Kimberly Radmacher, a group of 30-something friends talk about life, and in the process unearth personal loss, sins of omission and secrets. The title was inspired by friends of Scott, a couple who eat pomegranates naked for easy clean-up/stain avoidance – plus its colourful, erotic, and even biblical, reference (was an apple or a pomegranate that figured in Adam and Eve’s downfall?) and in French, it’s grenade, a fitting word for the bomb that gets dropped during the opening scene’s dinner party. Lovely cast for this reading: Janine John, Roselyn Keladra-Sedra, Cameron Laurie, Khalil Abdul Malik and Jinny Wong. Stripping down the self takes courage and often…

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