Ah, you hi-jinks “Così” guys / graffiti a go-go

I love getting submissions for this blog.  Have mentioned several times to the cast and crew of Così that they should send me any thoughts, anecdotes about funny incidents in rehearsal, etc.  The delightful James Warner, who plays drug-addled Zac, has risen to the challenge once again (see previous post about his nipples and accordion…)  Here’s what he sent me this time:

 After break time last night, I came back into the theatre with my shirt completely undone, and, trying to get a laugh (not that I ever do that), loudly announced to all present: “Well, I suppose I have to put some clothes back on”.  At which point poor Margot [stage manager Margot Devlin] scuttled over and started frantically covering up my body. She’s such a nice lady – and an example to us all.

It should be noted that costume designer Margaret Spence has garbed James in one of those 1970’s shirts open to the navel  (I have just learned the term “man cleavage”!) and accessorized with a big medallion – that’s when he’s not wearing lederhosen for the opera scenes.  Last night the cast donned costumes for a photo shoot with Dahlia Katz (www.dahliakatz.com) – the results soon to be posted on Alumnae Theatre’s website.

In other news, set designer Ed Rosing and scenic painter Cathy McKim have now added genuine Australian graffiti from the period (early 1970’s) on the theatre walls.  Slogans like “Nuclear families have fallout”, “Dick Nixon before he dicks you”, and my favourite, “Real punks can’t spell capocino”!  And this morning, Cathy tweeted:  “A disco ball & a smoke machine. Coming soon to the @alumnaetheatre main stage. The Così set design plot thickens…”  One of her Twitter followers commented:  “that’s an instant party, right there.”

We’re doing a rough run of the whole show tonight.  Opening two weeks from tomorrow – on Friday the 13th!    No friggatriskaidekaphobia here, nope.



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2 responses to “Ah, you hi-jinks “Così” guys / graffiti a go-go

  1. PJ

    Can I admit something to you? I could not read the cappuccino quote. I finally had to ask Seema what it said! I’m like “Real punks can’t spell canoeing?”

  2. Reblogged this on life with more cowbell and commented:
    Big fun & tomfoolery at Alumnae Theatre’s Cosi rehearsals. See you at the cue-to-cue tomorrow, guys.

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