“Così” : eyeliner, backstage clanging and the man-bra

Last night (Tuesday) was designated a tech run, in costume.  Stage manager Margot Devlin filled some of us in on new scene-change duties:  extra props to move or bring on or off; a newly-created curtain (thanks, Ed!) for the opera scene, etc.  By the time all that got sorted, assistant director Seema Lakhani led the cast in a warmup, and PJ Hammond ran the fight choreography, leaving about 10 minutes to get into costume.

Watching the show, in addition to Seema and director Jane Carnwath, were set & lighting designer Ed Rosing, costume designer Margaret Spence, and fight director Paul Babiak.  Assistant stage manager Pona Tran manned the smoke machine and kept us quiet backstage.  Not easy to do when the cast includes high-energy Mike Vitorovich (Roy), who kept banging into things that went clang.

Laura Vincent(Julie) tried out some stunning 60’s-inspired makeup and hair (not to mention the miniskirt and white go-go boots!) that I said made her look like famed British model Jean Shrimpton, known as an icon of “Swinging London” at that time.

Jean Shrimpton, whose heyday was mid-late 1960's, is considered one of the first supermodels.

Laura’s heroin addict character hasn’t been in the institution long, and doesn’t really fit in with the others, who seem like fixtures.  It makes sense that she’s much more fashionable than the others.

Matt Brioux (as pyromaniac Doug) was wearing a new T-shirt for the first time – a pale khaki-green waffle-weave long-sleeved affair that he said was very tight.  “I feel like I’m wearing a man-bra”, he commented!

The run went pretty well – again, we knocked some minutes off the running time.  Jane said afterwards that the pace in Act I was very good, but Act II lost the forward motion a bit.  We’ll do better!  Lovely compliment from Paul, who gave notes on the fights.  He hasn’t seen us for a few weeks, and despite knowing the script and choreographing the fights, he said that we really made him care about the characters – we brought them off the page and to life.  Plus, even though he’d know what was coming up in any scene, he laughed!

Tonight (Wednesday) is the official dress rehearsal, and tomorrow night we’ll have our first audience (of people unconnected to the show) at the preview.



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2 responses to ““Così” : eyeliner, backstage clanging and the man-bra

  1. PJ

    Okay, I totally thought that was a picture of Laura getting dressed! Jean Shrimpton, indeed!

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