Playwright Lisa Moore to attend first read of “February”

It may be summer outside, but for Alumnae Theatre it’s February.   That’s February, as in the WORLD PREMIERE of Lisa Moore’s play (based on her widely-praised novel of the same title), which Alumnae Theatre is very proudly presenting in September.

The time for the first read-through is almost upon us, and there’s going to be a special treat for the actors, designers, director, producer, etc.:   The playwright will also be in attendance!

Lisa Moore will be making the trip to Toronto from Newfoundland, her home province and the setting for February (the time-travelling story of a woman whose husband died in the sinking of the Ocean Ranger drilling rig in 1982).  She and director Michelle Alexander plan to develop the script further over the next few weeks, and hearing the actors read the current draft will be an invaluable starting point.

Check back for a report on the read-through next week!


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One response to “Playwright Lisa Moore to attend first read of “February”

  1. It was a great read through. Very impressed.

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