“February” costume design inspirations

A few days ago, I asked the director (Michelle Alexander) and designers of set, lighting, sound and costumes for  February to tell me something about their inspiration or process.  Here’s what costume designer Peter DeFreitas (you’ve seen his wonderful work onstage in Alumnae productions such as The Trojan Women and Closer)   had to say:

before i started with the costume selection i created a binder to house the script, some notes and sketches.  i created this collage based on a conversation with michelle before really delving into the work – just as images that would inspire something…like a reference point.  it now has become the cover of the binder.

“February” costume designer Peter DeFreitas’ inspirations.

Remember,  February  opens on Friday, Sept 21.  Did we mention that it’s a world premiere?  And that the playwright, Lisa Moore, will be there?  Oh, yes she will!  Wanna ask her a question?  Come to the matinee on Sept 23 and stay for the Talkback.  Book tickets now (for all performances) at reservations@alumnaetheatre.com, or 416-364-4170, box 1.



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