Auditions in October for “A Woman of No Importance”

Auditions will be held right after Thanksgiving (Canadian, that is) for Alumnae Theatre’s January production of the classic Oscar Wilde comedy A Woman of No Importance.  Director Paul Hardy plans to give the original – which was set in the 1890’s – a “modernist take”.  And yes, British accents are essential.  One can’t do Wilde without the accent, dahling!

Audition dates are Tuesday Oct 9, Wednesday Oct 10, and Thursday Oct 11.  Actors will be seen between 6-10pm.

To book a slot, please call 416-364-4170 and select Box 3, or e-mail

For preparation, please have a 2-minute contemporary comedic monologue and be prepared to read from the script.  (You can check it out in advance at the Toronto Reference Library – go to the Performing Arts Desk on 5thfloor to request it.)  Of course, you must bring a résumé and a head shot to your audition.  Callbacks will be held Monday Oct 22 and Tuesday Oct 23, between 6-10pm also.  Auditions and performances will be at Alumnae Theatre, 70 Berkeley Street in Toronto.

“A Woman of No Importance” by Oscar Wilde. Directed by Paul Hardy.
Alumnae Theatre, January 25 – February 9, 2013.
Poster design by Suzanne Courtney for Ticking Time Bomb Productions.

 Oscar Wilde’s play paints a portrait of the opulent rich and their ironic existential foils. Lord Illingworth is an (im)proper unmarried English gentleman whose ambitions and fortune have found him in the company of the upper-crust of the British country gentry. His young assistant Gerald is thrilled that the two will soon be travelling the world!! But everything is not as it seems….


Lord Illingworth – mid 30’s.  Confirmed bachelor, sophisticated gentleman, womanizer.
Sir John Pontefract – mid 30’s and up.  Lady Caroline’s well trained husband.
Lord Alfred Rufford – mid 30’s and up.  A gentleman of leisure, and debtor extraordinaire.
Mr. Kelvil, M.P. – mid 30’s.  Bible-thumping politician and social climber.
The Ven. Archdeacon Daubeny, D.D.  – late 40’s.  A slightly daft preacher.
Gerald Arbuthnot – 18.  A headstrong young man, assistant to Lord Illingworth.
Farquhar, the butler  – any age.  Barely competent help.
Francis, a footman   -any age.  Exceptionally competent help.
Lady Hunstanton – mid 30’s and up.  The hostess; one cool classy lady.
Lady Caroline Pontefract – mid 30’s and up.  A witty and fun lady; close friend of Lady Hunstanton.

Lady Stutfield – mid 30’s and up.  A “charming” single lady.
Mrs. Allonby – mid 30’s and up.  Aristocratic, playful, fun, and a little cruel.

Miss Hester Worsley – 18.  An idealist young American; reluctant aristocrat.
Alice, a maid  – any age.  Mrs Arbuthnot’s help.
Mrs. Arbuthnot – mid 30’s.  Gerald’s mother, a pious and strong willed woman.

 By the way, this is a non-union, non-paying engagement.

Get more info on Alumnae Theatre Company’s proud history, current season lineup, and director’s bio at

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