Triangle Pi offers “Vacant” ticket discounts, Oct 4-13

Here’s a great offer for Alumnae Theatre subscribers and company members:  Triangle Pi Productions has generously offered ticket discounts to you for their new play Vacant (which runs in Alumnae Theatre’s Studio space from Oct 4-13).  There’s a PWYC preview at 8pm on Oct 3.  Check out Triangle Pi’s website at or e-mail for more information.

For tickets, go to and mention your affiliation with Alumnae Theatre.

Here’s the press release:

 Vacant is a play about morality, relationships and the search for authenticity in digital-age Toronto.  The story centres around a successful young investment banker named Matthew whose life begins to unravel when he discovers a woman unconscious on the King Station subway platform.  When she turns out to be a ‘mystery woman’ with no identity and possessed of an unknown ailment, Matthew—along with the media—becomes obsessed with her.  In this ‘empty’ woman he sees reflected his own spiritual and emotional emptiness and that of the society he lives in.

The playwright and director, Fraser Elsdon, is a critically acclaimed Toronto actor.  A graduate of the George Brown Theatre School, Fraser has appeared in numerous productions, including The Buddy Holly Story (Globe Theatre), Hero and Leander (Common Descent), Breaking News (Triangle Pi Productions) and The Corpse Bride (Theatre Panik).  Vacant is Fraser’s first play and directorial debut.


Vacant is being produced by Brett Haynes, founder of Triangle Pi Productions.  Our company has produced Breaking News, Infinitum (for the critically acclaimed company The Cheshire Unicorn) and the upcoming Hatched by emerging writer Claire Burns.  Triangle Pi Productions is committed to producing new work by emerging artists. We aim to provide an environment for emerging artists to explore their artistic desires and showcase their talents in an effort to build connections within the Toronto theatre community.

The play features a cast of talented emerging actors, including Andy Trithardt, Lindsey Clark, Jordan Probst, Andy Perun and Carys Lewis, with set and lighting design by George Quan.




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