“A Woman of No Importance”: notes from rehearsal, Nov 22

The most excellent Stage Manager of Alumnae’s January show,  A Woman of No Importance, Margot Devlin, e-mailed to report that there were no formal rehearsal notes from last night, because they were blocking.  You know:  at this line, move here; at that line, move there…  However, she reported that:

 Paul [director Paul Hardy] worked with shoes off last night. When he removed the shoes, I held my breath but no actors in his vicinity died, so I started breathing again.

Lady Stutfield [Lindsey Higgs], Lord Illingworth [Andrew Batten] and Mrs. Allonby [Paula Schultz] were blocked last night in Act 2.  They were at the “bar”.  I think they acted that they had a bit too much to drink as they all got a bad case of the giggles while Paul was blocking other actors.

Paul managed to get me some cookies from the cookie factory – I did not ask a lot of questions and no burglar alarms were ringing.  The cookies were very good.

That is it for last night.

Margot, I love your notes!

In other news, costume designer Brandon Kleiman plans to bring on the shoulder pads and sequins, Dynasty-style!  (Yes, this version of Woman will be set in the 1980’s)


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