“A Woman of No Importance” Stage Manager’s Dec 19 rehearsal notes – it’s all about the sex

Woman of No Importance - new imageMore from Margot Devlin, the most excellent Stage Manager of A Woman of No Importance.  As you know, she is shocked and appalled by all the sexy innuendo (smut, I tell you; SMUT!) to be found in Oscar Wilde.  Excerpts from her notes:

 –        [Act 1, scene 4] this is a seduction scene.

–       Lord Illingworth [played by Andrew Batten] is a sex addict – exhaust all hedonistic pleasures because that is all that is left.

–       Wilde put all his negative feelings about hedonism into Illingworth.

–       Addict or no, there is something like that in Mrs. Allonby [played by Paula Schultz] – she is disappointed in sex itself.

–       The anticipation is the fun part for Allonby

–       The more “at risk” they are the better.

–       Illingworth is so revolting to Mrs. Arbuthnot  [Áine Magennis].

–       Paul [director Paul Hardy] discussed his banquet burger dinner and how it was affecting him.

The cast will be put through their paces tonight (Thu Dec 20):  a full run is scheduled, along with a costume parade!  The first run-through is often a terrifying but necessary step.  This is when the actors experience the full shape of the play (which up to now has been rehearsed in non-sequential bits), and in a large cast like this, probably see other actors that they haven’t worked with since the early stages.  And now, the director can finally judge whether what he has envisioned will translate into live action.  Break legs, folks!


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