Lord Illingworth trapped in bathroom

As promised: the photographic evidence of Sunday’s excitement.  On Sunday (Jan 20), the cast of A Woman of No Importance, which opens on Friday Jan 25, had a rehearsal.   After running through the long first half of the play (it’s not really “half” – was written by Oscar Wilde as Acts I, II and III, but we’d call them “scenes” these days.  I’m calling it “half” although it’s 90 mins long because that’s the section before intermission.  Second “half” only runs about 30 mins), actor Andrew Batten (playing caddish Lord Illingworth) took a bathroom break.   When the time came to run the second half of the play, he was not to be found.  What, no one heard his pathetic cries for help; the desperate pounding on the locked door that wouldn’t open?

Well, someone eventually heard him or thought to check the bathroom, and Mike Vitorovich (Sir John Pontefract) broke the door frame in order to free his castmate.  Andy Fraser (Lady Hunstanton) went to a nearby hardware store to purchase a new door handle/locking mechanism.

In the photo, Andrew is the guy bending down, wearing a green or grey sweater.  I’m guessing that the unattached khaki-clad legs belong to Mike.  Jason Thompson (Archdeacon Daubeny) is observing from the doorway.  Thanks to Gillian English (Lady Caroline Pontefract) for the photo.


If you can’t see the photo, Alumnae re-tweeted from Gillian: check out @alumnaetheatre.

Any eyewitness clarifications to the events of Sunday would be welcome!


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One response to “Lord Illingworth trapped in bathroom

  1. Sheesh – at least it didn’t happen on a performance night. Though someone in the audience may have found themselves in Batten’s predicament. Break a leg Friday night!

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