“Rebecca and me…”

Pssst – the delightful Blythe Haynes, who plays soulful country girl Rebecca in The Killdeer, is afraid of birds!  She doesn’t like bacon, either, but that’s a whole different topic.  The character of Rebecca in the play is a bird-lover; in fact, she tells Harry (Paul Hardy) that she considers the wild killdeer her own bird, and “I like it as well as I like you.”.

Having confessed her bird phobia to the rest of the cast, Blythe’s now in for some teasing.    Today Tricia Brioux, who plays Rebecca’s nemesis Madam Fay, e-mailed Blythe a photo with the headline “Rebecca and me, Rebecca and me” (that’s a taunting line said by Clifford, played by Rob Candy).  This is the photo:

"Rebecca and me, Rebecca and me!"

“Rebecca and me, Rebecca and me!”

To which Blythe responded:   “AHHHHH! Tricia – trying to give me a heart attack!?  Ha  – yikes. I threw my phone when that picture came up!”

Not be outdone, jokester Rob Candy then sent everyone a photo of a killdeer faking a broken wing (as they do), with the headline “The Killdeer ! The Killdeer!” – that’s Madam Fay’s freakout line.

To get in on the joke, come see the play – it opens Friday April 12.



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2 responses to ““Rebecca and me…”

  1. That’s hilarious! Though not so much for Blythe. Looking forward to seeing The Killdeer on opening night. Break legs, all!

  2. And Naomi Vondell (who plays Mrs. Soper, the jailer’s wife) suggested on Twitter that since “clothing is optional” (Rob Candy’s deliberate mis-interpretation of Margot’s “costumes optional” instruction) for tonight’s tech rehearsal, we should all dress as birds!

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