“The Killdeer” Sunday matinee: oh, what a day it was

Yesterday’s Sunday matinee of The Killdeer was followed by an audience Talkback – will post about that later.  But first, a look into dressing room and other shenanigans, because people like hearing about those, right?

Well, the first thing that happened was that co-producer Lynne Patterson, who was serving as Bar Wench that day, reported that there was only enough coffee to make about 6 cups pre-show.  A search in the storage cupboards turned up no backup supply, so one of the Box Office volunteers was dispatched to No Frills to purchase a big can of coffee.  And some milk, and some cream, and ….

No sooner was that problem solved – about 40 minutes to showtime – than stage manager Margot Devlin sidled up to me and whispered, “I have no sound operator.”  We had e-mail addresses for the two sound ops, but I had not entered their phone numbers on my contact sheet.  Lynne had their phone numbers, but not with her.  Just as we were conferring how to solve the problem, Margot spotted sound op Daniel Salij strolling towards the theatre, hoodie up, headphones on, half an hour late.  Phew.

When Margot came down to the dressing room to give the cast their half-hour call, actor Matt Brioux (childlike Eli Fay) was also M.I.A., but rushed in shortly after, having come straight from work.  “Is the wedding still on?” he asked.  (See “She said yes!” in April 19 post).  Actor Anne Shepherd (Mrs. Gardner), perhaps sensing Margot’s stress level – Anne is a psychotherapist in real life – soothed her with a chocolate bar!

The show started smoothly, and Scene 1 between Mrs. Gardner and Madam Fay (Tricia Brioux) was almost over.  The young hero Harry Gardner (played by Paul Hardy) makes his first entrance in Scene 2. I happened to be backstage, watching Scene 1 on the monitor, when Marie Gleason (Mrs. Budge), who was waiting behind the door at stage right for her entrance in Scene 3, popped her head around the flat and hissed, “Where’s Harry?”  I realized that Paul was not in position for his entrance, and assistant stage manager Anna Plugina had not yet noticed, because she was busy with a prop handoff to Anne.  As I reached the stairs down to the basement dressing room, Paul came steaming up, just in the nick of time.  It turned out he’d been in the midst of a deep discussion of Tolkein’s Lord of The Rings books with Blythe Haynes (Harry’s true love Rebecca) and almost missed his cue.

During the second half of the play, Mike Vitorovich (hangman Mr. Manatee; Judge Crane) introduced those of us in remaining the dressing room WITHOUT imminent entrances to British comedian Eddie Izzard’s hilarious voiceover to a Lego-staged piece called “Death Star Canteen”.  Imagine Darth Vader patronizing the cafeteria on the Death Star, where everything is made of Lego.  Mike, Naomi Vondell (Mrs. Soper the jailer’s wife), Blythe, Rob Candy (brutal farmhand Clifford) and I watched it on Naomi’s iPad, and practically bust a gut at the sly Brit interpretation of Star Wars geekery.


A report on the post-show Talkback to be posted later.  I leave you with Eddie Izzard:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv5iEK-IEzw


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