There’s Always Something – so go out and create!

True words:
“Very few of us have the key ingredients of LOTS OF TIME or LOTS OF MONEY. We’re all in that boat. It’s not a unique place to be. And yet we make art every day, and get people to experience it. We find the something, and make something with it or out of it.
Find your ingredients. Find your allies. Stop focusing on nothing. There’s always something.”

Sue Edworthy Arts Planning

fridge1Some days you get home and are all set to cook dinner and you look in the fridge to see what you’ll make. And you stand there, staring for a couple of minutes before making the declaration, “THERE IS NO FOOD IN THIS HOUSE.”

Really? None?

It’s possible there is no immediate food to put straight on a plate, it’s possible there’s nothing you really want to eat, it’s possible you’re missing one key ingredient to make the gastronomic feast you were hoping for.


Odds are good that’s not the case. There’s usually something. But if you decide THERE IS NO FOOD IN THIS HOUSE you are stuck in a place where you firmly believe there is NO FOOD and you CANNOT EAT. And you will continue to stare into the fridge until your knees get cold from the draft and you will not eat. Because you’ve decided there’s…

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