Ghost story / last chance for InspiraTo; The Underpants auditions

A wee ghost story for you… I was at the theatre last night, collecting garbage to take outside for City pickup tomorrow.  The building was empty – Shelley Marshall‘s solo show Hold Mommy’s Cigarette had closed in the Studio on Sunday, and the InspiraTo Festival currently running on the Mainstage is dark on Mondays and Tuesdays.   Angus Barlow and our other wonderful Rental Supervisors had collected most of the garbage at the bottom of the basement stairs, but I checked the other levels just to be sure.

I’d unlocked the Studio to ensure that the garbage can there had a clean bag in it, and was re-locking the door when I heard it:  yes, the same noise described here:

– like an old-fashioned rocking horse with metal springs, being ridden.  Eeee-urr, eee-urr, eee-urrr.   One of the theatre’s resident ghosts making his presence known!  I said conversationally, “Don’t worry, I’m leaving now.  Well, not the building, but the Studio.  It’s all yours.”

And then I turned the key and went downstairs.  The noise stopped right after I finished speaking.  He’s quite a reasonable ghost, really.

…And in other news, there are only a few more chances to catch the InspiraTo Festival of 10-minute plays.  It closes on Saturday June 8.  See for showtimes and details.

And if you love doing physical comedy, consider auditioning for the first production of Alumnae Theatre Company’s 2013-14 season, The Underpants.  Written by German playwright by Carl Sternheim in 1910, it was adapted only a few years ago by American funnyman Steve Martin. Alumnae’s production runs Sept 20 – Oct 5, directed by Ginette Mohr.  Auditions are June 12 & 13 – but you must book a slot by June 7 .   See details at


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