FireWorks auditions (2 out of 3!)

FireWorks tempThis season, Alumnae Theatre Company is launching a new initiative dubbed FireWorks, to showcase full-length plays which have been dramaturged by the company’s New Play Development group of playwrights (the NPD) or which have gone through dramaturgy in Alumnae’s New Ideas Festival.

Three plays have been selected for FireWorks this year, and will run in rep in the Studio space from November 13 – December 1, 2013The producers of FireWorks also plan to offer a series of associated workshops, panel discussions and other events that are customized for these particular plays.   Oh, and there will be open auditions for these plays!  Did I forget to mention that?  Following is the info for two of them; the third play is  Norman Yeung’s Theory, directed by Joanne Williams.  Synopsis:  An unmonitored discussion board turns into a nightmare for a young film professor and her students. Character breakdown and audition dates TBA.

***Measure of The World*** by Shirley Barrie, directed by Molly Thom.

SYNOPSIS:  Peru 1736:  Three French scientists take on the Herculean task of measuring the exact distance of a degree of the earth’s arc at the equator.  They are also charged with spying on Spain’s lucrative colony, and they in turn are spied upon by a mestiza tapada eager to earn her freedom.  A grand quest risks being swamped by personal obsessions.


FLORENZA – F, 20’s.  A seductive mestizo woman. Gifted to Godin by the Governor. She’s smart and cunning, manipulating both the scientists and the Governor in the attempt to earn the freedom she’s been promised.

PIERRE BOUGUER – M, 38.  A noted mathematician and astronomer. Persuaded to join the expedition at the last moment, he’s ascetic, and exacting, tends to poor health but can barely contain his repressed emotions.

CHARLES DE LA CONDAMINE –M, 35.  Explorer and geographer from a wealthy family. Less experienced than the others, he’s invested in the expedition to earn his place. He’s open, adventurous and more than willing to take risks – except emotionally.

LOUIS GODIN – M, 32.  Astronomer and Committeeman. Although the youngest, his charisma and political nose has maneuvered him into the leadership position. He’s determined to shine, but feels constantly undermined by his colleagues.


Wed Sept 11 and Thu Sept 12, from 6:00 – 10 pm.

You may present a 2-minute contemporary monologue, and/or read from the play. Copies of sides will be provided at the audition, so come early to prepare.

***Gloria’s Guy*** by Joan Burrows, directed by Anne Harper.

SYNOPSIS:  A wedding in a small town in Muskoka reunites a group of old school friends, some of whom had left town, and all of whom have built up lives, the way people do.  Guy, who ‘forgot’  to  pick up his  then-girlfriend Gloria for the high school prom, has  returned  home, and  no-one  knows  why he  has left  his  successful career. Small-town gossip has the answers – maybe.

JESSIE – F, 70s.   An ex-teacher, likes to know what’s going on, and tries to influence results.  Peggy’s mother.

 PEGGY – F, about 40.   Steady, sensible. Dressmaker.

 GLORIA  – F, about 40.  Smart, successful, widowed. Guy’s ex-girlfriend.

 EVE – F, about 40.   A fun-loving flirt, apparently shallow. Usually referred to as “the Diva”.

 LESLIE    – F, about 40.   A successful chef and a model for her friends.

 GUY – M, about 40.  A lawyer who has returned home, and people wonder why.


Sat Sept 14 and Sun Sept 15, beginning at noon.

TO BOOK AN AUDITION TIME: E-mail or leave a message at 416-364-4170 ext 3.

Be sure to include the PLAY TITLE, the ROLE and your PHONE NUMBER so we can contact you!

Auditions will be held at the Alumnae Theatre, 70 Berkeley Street (SW corner of Berkeley and Adelaide).

 Please note that Alumnae Theatre Company is non-union and all participation is on a volunteer basis.


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