Hilariously sexy good times – The Underpants

Review of opening night, reblogged from LifeWithMoreCowbell.

Underpants cast 9-22

Most of “The Underpants” cast. L-R: Carolyn Hall (Louise), Andrew Anthony (Theo), Chantale Groulx (Gertrude), Michael Gordin Shore (seated – Cohen), Scott Farley (on lap – Versati). Photo shot Sept 22 by Dahlia Katz.


The Underpants runs to Oct 5, with performances Wed – Sat at 8pm, and Sunday at 2pm.  This Sunday’s matinee will be followed by a Talkback.  Come and find out how Steve Martin‘s  2002 adaptation differs from the 1950’s translation previously staged by Alumnae Theatre Company is 1967.   You can check out photos and documents from that production on display in the lobby.

Underpants Klinglehoff9-22

Jacqueline Costa as Klinglehoff. Photo shot Sept 22 by Dahlia Katz


life with more cowbell

UnderpantsposterMen are silly. Then again, so are women. And we all become equally silly when we let our desires run away with us. And it’s especially fun when otherwise straight-laced, upstanding citizens toss their hang-ups aside as they get carried away.

The Underpants, Steve Martin’s adaptation of Carl Sternheim’s Die Hose – directed for Alumnae Theatre by Ginette Mohr, assisted by Caitlin English – reveals how the accidental shedding of a lady’s underpants in public throws a group of upright middle-class folks for a loop, with decidedly hilarious and sexy results.

It all starts out with sound designer and live piano accompanist Aaron Corbett entering, dressed in black pants and white shirt. He stops down centre and bows with a click of his barefoot heels, bringing the audience to attention. We are in 1910 Germany, in the home of Theo and Louise Maske.

The Maskes’ ordinary middle-class life is…

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