Audition notice for “The Lady’s Not For Burning” (Alumnae Theatre, Jan 24 –Feb 8, 2014)

Our 2013/14 season has barely begun (the first production, The Underpants, just opened Sept 20), and already we’ve auditioned for production # 2 (the FireWorks series) and now announce auditions for production #3!

Lady's Not For Burning script coverAlumnae Theatre Company seeks non-union actors for our January production, Christopher Fry‘s The Lady’s Not For Burning, directed by Jane Carnwath.
Performance dates:  Jan 24 – Feb 8, 2014.
AUDITIONS WILL BE HELD Oct 1 – 5 AT FRASER STUDIOS – see below for address, dates & times.

The Lady’s Not For Burning  is a romantic comedy about witches, arranged marriage and a war-ravaged soldier who wants to escape a world he finds irredeemably bleak. This acclaimed verse play, set in 15th century England, was a hit in the UK and on Broadway. Thomas, the soldier, wants to be hanged, but the townsfolk are more focused on burning Jennet, a young woman they believe to be a witch. Thomas’ quest to die and Jennet’s to live bring them face to face with the hypocrisy and paranoia of the mob, as well as their new and growing love. Written in post-WWII 1949, its lively characters and themes resonate sharply today.

RICHARD, a clerk – 18-early 20s. A foundling with unexpected reserves of courage and ingenuity.
THOMAS MENDIP, a discharged soldier – 30-40. Fights despair with wit and outrageously bad behaviour.
ALIZON ELIOT – 17. Fresh from the convent, innocent but finds the strength to make brave choices.
NICHOLAS DEVIZE – 20s. Driven by impulse and hormones.

MARGARET DEVIZE, mother of Nicholas – 50-60. Comfortably domestic, unflappable – usually.
HUMPHREY DEVIZE, brother of Nicholas – 30s. Town Councillor, born to the role, uses it to wield power.
HEBBLE TYSON, the Mayor – 50-60s. Plagued with post-nasal drip and a need to be respected.
JENNET JOURDEMAYNE – 20-30. Faces a terrifying situation with humour, courage and honesty.
THE CHAPLAIN – Schooled in a theology that fails him in the face of brutality and fear, longs to be a musician.
EDWARD TAPPERCOOM, a Justice – 50-70. Pragmatic, sensual, has opinions on everything.
MATTHEW SKIPPS – 60-70. The drunken rag-and-bone man who saves the day. A terrific cameo.

Tuesday, October 1, from 6-10 pm
Wednesday, October 2, from 6-10 pm
Thursday, October 3, from 6-10 pm
Saturday, October 5, from 10 am – 6 pm
Callbacks the following week.

Please read the play before auditioning!   Script is available at Toronto Reference Library’s  5th Floor Arts Desk,  and at Theatre Ontario.
Please prepare a short (2-3 min.) classical monologue.  You may also be asked to read from the script.
Please bring your photo and résumé.

E-mail  or leave a message at 416-364-4170 ext 3.
Be sure to include your phone number so we can contact you! And specify your preferred role.

Auditions will be held at Fraser Studios, 76 Stafford Street (one street east of Strachan – corner Stafford & Adelaide W.).

SMALL PRINT:  Alumnae Theatre is a non-professional theatre company that encourages diversity in its membership and casting. Participation is unpaid – do it for love, not money!

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