Science, politics & egos collide – Measure of the World @ FireWorks

Review of Shirley Barrie’s “Measure of the World” from its opening night (Nov 15). There was also a matinee on Sun Nov 17, preceded by a Roundtable discussion with guest historians. Next performance of “Measure” is 8pm tonight (Nov 20). Then: 2:30 matinee on Sat Nov 23; 8pm on Thu Nov 28 and [closing] Sat Nov 30. This play alternates with “Gloria’s Guy” and “Theory” – the FireWorks series runs to Sun Dec 1.

life with more cowbell

fireworks-bannerAlumnae Theatre Company opened their FireWorks program this past Wednesday, a new three-play repertory program of original works developed in conjunction with Alumnae’s New Play Development (NPD) group or the New Ideas Festival.

Science, politics and egos collide amidst the passion of discovery and desire for freedom in Shirley Barrie’s Measure of the World, directed by Molly Thom.

The play follows the work of a French expedition, guests of the Spanish government as they strive “to measure the length of a degree of the earth’s arc at the equator near Quito (at the time part of Peru)”* – and determine the exact shape of the earth. Three alpha male scientist egos come to loggerheads as Godin (Paul Cotton), Bouguer (Jason Thompson) and De La Condamine (Michael Vitorovich) struggle with the harsh terrain – extremes of heat and cold, across jungle, swamps and mountains – local government bureaucracy and even…

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