“Lady” flyer stuffing leads to watching “Scotland Road” rehearsal…

The Lady’s Not For Burning runs Jan 24 – Feb 8, and it’s always good karma to promote other shows that run around the same time.  Besides, often there are friends-of-Alumnae involved!  So I arranged a flyer exchange with The Village Playhouse, which is producing Alumnae member Joan Burrows’ play Willow Quartet (Jan 10 – Feb 1) and co-producers Naomi Hunter and Maureen Lukie put me in touch with Amicus Productions (Alumnae member Victoria Shepherd is directing Scotland Road, Jan 30 – Feb 8 at Papermill Theatre).

Scotland RdDid a quick swap with Village Playhouse pre-performance on Saturday night, and dropped by the Scotland Road rehearsal on Sunday afternoon intending to do the same.   But I got fascinated and couldn’t leave!  The cast was doing their first off-book run (“the first where they can’t call for line,” clarified stage manager Steve Minnie), and I watched the whole thing – about 90 minutes long.  Yes, without costumes, set (the rehearsal was in a church basement), lighting (lighting designer Jamie Sample was on hand, taking notes and talking cues with Victoria) or music or sound effects.  The plot held my attention:  had to borrow Jamie’s script to read ahead – there are some surprising twists!  It’s a small cast of four very watchable actors:  West McDonald as a doctor (?) with a significant name; Anne McDougall as another doctor; Paulette St-Amour as a mysterious old lady; and my former Così castmate Laura Vincent doing a wonderful Welsh accent as ‘The Woman’.   Who is she?  Who are her captors? What or where is Scotland Road?  From Amicus’ press release:

 ‘Titanic’ – this is the only word spoken by a beautiful young woman in 19th century clothing found floating on an iceberg in the last decade of the twentieth century. She is taken to an isolated institution where John, an expert on the sinking of the liner, has arranged to interrogate her. His goal: to crack her story, get her to confess she’s a fake, and reveal her true identity; his one clue: her enigmatic references to an unknown place called “Scotland Road”. From playwright Jeffrey Hatcher (Amicus staged his inventive Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in 2012), Scotland Road is a suspenseful package of intrigue and psychodrama and pure entertainment.

One of my favourite recurring bits in the interrogation scenes was John telling The Woman after each session, “Dr. Halbrech will now repeat everything I have said in Finnish, Swedish, German, Norwegian…” – all languages that might have been spoken by Third Class passengers on the Titanic!

Intrigued?  Check out the Facebook event  Amicus Productions Presents Scotland Roadhttps://www.facebook.com/events/471187596323855/ and watch the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52lrWWQAr2A&feature=youtu.be&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D52lrWWQAr2A%26feature%3Dyoutu.be&app=desktop

The haunting original music was composed by John Stuart Campbell, who shares that he based the music on Morse code!  For ticket information, etc. please visit http://www.amicusproductions.ca


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