Write Now! – 2pm on Sunday Oct 26

The 11 short plays that resulted from a Friday evening – Sunday noon Write Now! writing challenge with the theme AWAKENING will be presented for an audience at 2pm on Sunday Oct 26 in the Studio at Alumnae Theatre.

This is the (final) running order:

A Fairy Tale Ending by Jean Shepherd / Director: Jennifer McKinley.

CAST:   Sandra Banman, Pat Hawk,  Rick Jones.

Does Anybody Hear Me by Marianne Fedunkiw / Director: Molly Thom.

CAST:    Lynne Patterson,  Chris Reid, Morna Wales, Susan Q Wilson .

Last Chance by Carol Libman / Director: Jane Carnwath.

CAST:  Christopher Kelk, Sheila Russell.

But A Brief Dream by Morna Wales / Director: Anne Harper.

CAST: Charles Hayter,  Jennifer McKinley, Jennifer Merchant, Joanne Williams.

The Walker by Norma Crawford / Director: Joanne Williams.

CAST: Brenda Darling, Chris Reid, Brenda Somers.

Graveyard Shift by Sandra Cardinal / Director: Nina Kaye.

CAST:  Charles Hayter, Tina McCulloch, Morna Wales.


Somnolence by Nina Kaye / Director: Julia Haist.                                         CAST:  Heather Brown, Scott Clarkson, John Illingworth, Rick Jones.

War And Peace – A Family Story by Krystyna Hunt / Director: Danielle Capretti.

CAST:  Danielle Capretti, Greg Corkum, Tina McCulloch, Kayla Whelan.

When Is A Table Not A Table by Reva Nelson / Director: Pat McCarthy.  CAST:  Razie Brownstone,  Charles Hayter,  Patty Jarvis.

Coming Round by Mairy Beam / Director: Stacy Halloran.

CAST:       Danielle Capretti, Seema Lakhani, Tina McCulloch.

The Tower by Jenny Prior / Director: Brenda Darling.

CAST:  Kaitlyn Riordan, Jennifer Merchant,  Jean Sheppard.


The plays are  max. 10 mins each, and will be performed as staged readings. No reservations necessary, and admission is FREE, but donations are gratefully accepted.  Drop on by!  *** Please note that the lobby may be a bit crowded:  the matinee of Toronto Irish Players’ production Bookworms is on the Main Stage at 2pm also. ***

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