Audition notice for “I Am Marguerite”

No, your eyes do not deceive you. It’s not yet the end of calendar year 2014, but the final production of our 2014/15 season is announcing auditions.

I Am Marguerite

By Shirley Barrie

Directed by Molly Thom

PERFORMANCE DATES:  April 10 – 25, 2015

I Am Marguerite imageI Am Marguerite is a tale of survival, a true but little-known story from Canadian history. In 1542, 19-year old Marguerite de Roberval chose love over duty, and for her sin was abandoned by her brother on the desolate uninhabited Isle of Demons off the north coast of Newfoundland. In the first terrible winter, she lost her lover, nurse and infant son. Somehow or other she managed to survive, alone, another year and a half. By the time of her rescue – where the play begins – she is half-mad and reduced to a state of barbarism, her world peopled by the phantoms of those who have betrayed her. This is a play for voices—the language is spare, expressive and powerful—and Marguerite’s story is fragmented, like her mind.


MARGUERITE DE ROBERVAL (19) A well-born young woman with an adventurous questing spirit, now wrestling with a disordered mind, sometimes driven by frenzies of revenge and despair.

EUGÈNE Her lover. A young troubadour, a charming carefree adventuer, who falls into despair when faced with the terrors of the winter.

DAMIENNE Her old nurse, a peasant, sharp-tongued but totally devoted to Marguerite.

THE QUEEN OF NAVARRE (30-45) Her mentor and advisor. An elegant, fashionable intellectual and writer of moral treatises, who teaches Marguerite how to navigate the intricacies of court life.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS, SIEUR DE ROBERVAL (40-50) Her older brother. Vain, proud, ambitious, and ruthless. Leader of the expedition to found the first French settlement in the New World.



Sunday, December 7th (1 – 9pm)

Thursday, December 11th (5 – 10pm)

Friday, December 12th (5 – 10pm).




Be sure to include your RESUME, HEADSHOT and your PHONE NUMBER.

Candidates selected to audition will be contacted. You will be asked to deliver a monologue with verse or text that relies heavily on words.

The script is available at the Toronto Reference Library, 5th floor, Performance Desk, 789 Yonge Street.

Auditions will be held at Alumnae Theatre at 70 Berkeley Street (southwest corner of Adelaide E. & Berkeley Streets).


Alumnae Theatre is a non-professional theatre company that encourages diversity in its membership and casting. This is a non-paying engagement.






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