Alternate realities, masks, mysteries & secrets in NIF Week One program

life with more cowbell

nif 2015Alumnae Theatre Company kicked off its 27th annual New Ideas Festival (NIF) – three weeks of short new plays – last night, with four engaging, intriguing and enjoyable plays about connections:

Inheritance (by Tabitha Keast, directed by Matthew Hines). Two sniping siblings preparing a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party for their parents get a surprise of their own as family secrets are revealed – the kind that rewrite family history. Nice work from the ensemble in balancing the comedy with the family drama in this piece: Nicole Belfer as the upbeat, spontaneous sister; Kenny Hayes as the uptight, control freak brother; Lavetta Griffin as their direct, assertive mother; and Kalman P. Nagy as their gentle, discrete father. Nothing brings out how people really feel than an unexpected and startling revelation.

The Indigo Forest (by Bridget Erin, who came in all the way from Louisiana to see the opening, directed by…

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