Life, death, sacrifice & information (& sandworms!) in NIF Week 2 program

Review of New Ideas Festival 2015, Week Two!

life with more cowbell

nif 2015Alumnae Theatre Company opened the Week 2 program of its annual New Ideas Festival (NIF) up in its studio space on Wednesday. I caught it last night – here’s the scoop:

(En)Lightning (by Catherine Frid, directed by Sandra Burley). Greek mythology meets modern-day whistle-blowing in this re-imagining of the Prometheus tale. Nice work all around from the cast: Josh Morris as the lascivious, corrupt corporate boss Zeus (with shades of a character that Torontonians will recognize from recent municipal politics); Maureen Murray as the sharp and inquisitive journalist Leda; Kate Maguire as the spunky, irrepressible go-to gal Artemis; and Joshua Clayton as the wily and ethical tech/data virtuoso Prometheus.

Canis familiaris (by Carolyn Bennett, directed by Brenda Darling). An unusual condolence visit at a grieving co-worker’s home (Patricia Hawk as Christina; Kevin McLellan as her husband Albert) becomes darkly funny and sadly disturbing – and surprisingly thought-provoking – for a…

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