Otherworldly spaces, unwitting celebrities, murder mysteries and tomatoes in NIF Week 3 program

Week Three review! Running to Sunday March 29.

life with more cowbell

nif 2015Alumnae Theatre Company opened the Week 3 program of its annual New Ideas Festival (NIF) last night. This is the final week of the fest, running until March 29 up in the studio space. Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

Rowing, Onward (by Eugenie Carabatsos, directed by Anne MacMillan). A man and a woman in a row boat, out at sea. A seemingly Sisyphean task of endlessly rowing together. How did they get here? Where have they been? And where are they going? The only thing we know for sure is they’re very tired and one of them wants to stop rowing.
A lovely, intimate short piece set in a confined space where he only sees her back and she only sees the empty horizon. Beautiful, tender and intense moments within the frustration and desperation. Lovely work from Aleksandra Maslennikova, who gives an ethereal and bright performance as the…

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