Audition notice for “Antigone”

It’s not even officially summer yet, but here’s the audition notice for the first show of our 2015/16 season – auditions will be held at the end of June:

Antigone imageAntigone

by Jean Anouilh adapted by Lewis Galantière
Directed by Janet Kish; Produced by Dahlia Katz

PERFORMANCES:                          September  18 – October 3, 2015.

Seeking dynamic, generous and innovative actors to explore and perform Anouilh’s rich text through a collective journey of movement and experimentation.  The cast will be artistic collaborators throughout. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in either classical or physical theatre or both.

o   Non-gender;  age 25 – 45.   Androgynous, sensual, confident and  very present.
o   Female; age 40+. Warm-hearted, precocious and somewhat off the wall.
o   Female; age 18 -25. A dark horse, an outsider, an “other”.  Physically frail, slight and angular, she may possibly (but not necessarily) have a street look (i.e. piercings, tattoos, dreads, shaved head, etc.) Extraordinary presence, energy and eloquence.
o   Female; age 18 -25. The polar opposite of her sister. Feminine and compliant.
o   Male, age 24 -30. He is nobly handsome, strong and fit.
o   Male; age 45-60. Strong and confident in his own authority, intelligence and logic. Has a military aura with underlying humanity.
o   Any Gender, ages 20 – 35. Military men/women – there is physical and mental conformity about the trio.  Must be physically strong for lifts.
o   Any Gender; age 16–20. Young and ethereal but somewhat ominous character.
o   Any Gender, Age 12-16. Creon’s boyish attendant.
o   Female; age 45 -60. She knits throughout but never speaks. Must have strong singing voice as she will be part of our soundscape. In lieu of a monologue, actors auditioning for this role should present 1 minute of an a cappella song.

To request an audition, please send your resume, headshot and telephone number to: 
Ø  Please specify for which  character(s) you’re interested.
Ø  Candidates invited to audition will be contacted.
Ø  At the audition, you’ll be expected:
I.     to present a one-minute monologue (or song for the role of Eurydice) and,
II.     create an improvised movement piece with 3-4 other actors.

AUDITION DATES:                        Saturday, June 27 – Tuesday, June 30
CALL BACKS:                                  Saturday, July 4.
REHEARSALS:                                 July 12 – September 17.
Alumnae Theatre Company encourages diversity in its membership and casting. This is a non-paying engagement.



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