Casting Call for FireWorks 2015

The FireWorks Festival runs November 4-22, 2015 with three plays each running for one week of the festival. For more information on the festival please see the FireWorks page of
Below are the character breakdowns for each play. Auditions will be scheduled August 17-23, and callbacks the last week of August.
FireWorks 2015
Be sure to include your RESUME, HEADSHOT, AGE RANGE and your PHONE NUMBER.  Candidates selected to audition will be contacted. Please come prepared with a monologue. Directors from more than one play may be present at the audition. Callbacks will be done separately for each play.
Members of Alumnae Theatre Company will be given priority consideration.
The scripts are available at the Toronto Reference Library, 5th floor, Performance Desk, 789 Yonge Street.
Auditions will be held at the Alumnae Theatre, 70 Berkeley Street (at Adelaide).
AUDITION DATES:                       August 17-23
CALL BACKS:                                  August 26-31
REHEARSALS:                               September 10 – November 3, 10, 17
PERFORMANCES:                        November 4-8, 11-15, 18-22.

Divine Wrecks by Chloe Whitehorn
(performances November 4-8, 2015)
​A high school god falls for the wrong girl, his teacher.  A dark tale of heart break and revelations, Divine Wrecks explores the nature of love without boundaries. A modern take on a classic tale.

Character Breakdown:
(Note: We expect to cast actors in their early twenties for the teenage roles due to the mature nature of the roles)
EDDY: male, sixteen, troubled star athlete. After a tragedy he feels disconnected from everyone and is looking for meaning.
female, thirties, high school English teacher. Is haunted by her past.
male, teenager, confident jock. At the top of the school hierarchy but not the “steal your lunch money” type.
female, teenager, fluffy pretty cheerleader. Extremely confident and used to getting her way.
female, teenager, alternative look. Bit of a slacker “f**k-the world if the world doesn’t care” attitude.
male, teenager, prep nerd. Shy but eager to be included.

Cottage Radio by Taylor Marie Graham
(performances November 11-15, 2015)
Inspired by the true events of the Goderich, Ontario 2011 F3 class tornado, Cottage Radio explores the effect of the horrific storm on the fictional, yet very recognizable Marley clan. The family is forced to deal with the horrific events of the storm that is currently bringing them together, while confronting all the past events that kept them apart for so long. The play includes gorgeous original indie rock songs performed by members of the collective live on stage, while the play gently and graciously combining humour and drama in surrounding scenes. The premiere production in Goderich, Ontario left audiences moved and the Toronto re-imagining is sure to do the same.

Character Breakdown:
Gordon Marley – 55 years old. Uncle to Christina and Nadine; son of Susan. Recently lost his house in the tornado. Over-indulges with alcohol, silence, and solitude. Past competitive rower.

Christina (Chris) Marley – 32 years old. Sister of Nadine, granddaughter to Susan, niece to Gordon, childhood best friend of Jasper.   Past drummer in the band Huron Haven; host of COTTAGE radio.
Would prefer to be 17 and full of potential again rather than 32 and full of pain and regrets, so
she stifled her maturity at 17 years old and expects everyone around her to do the same. Uses sarcasm to deflect.


Nadine Marley – 27 years old,. Sister of Christina, granddaughter to Susan, niece to Gordon, friend of Jasper. Guitar and vocals in the band Huron Haven. Is afraid to admit she misses everyone, has made some poor choices in the new people in her life away from family, and can’t handle everything all by herself all the time.
Jasper Taylor – 30 years old. No blood relation to the Marleys. Guitar and vocals in the band Huron Haven. Can’t let go of a fantasy version of reality where actions do not have consequences, and
everything is ok if it feels right. Very charming. Adventurous.
Susan Marley – 84 years old, grandmother to Christina and Nadine, mother of Gordon. Is getting old and sees her family being ripped apart and unable to make proper adult decisions. All she can do is try to remind them of their ties to each other and their home before she passes on. Very dedicated to the tornado clean-up effort.


 Radical by Charles Hayter
(performances Nov 18-22, 2015)
The story of a forgotten Canadian hero, Dr. Vera Peters, and her fight to alter breast cancer treatment. Spurred on by patient outrage, memories of her mother’s suffering, and her own diagnosis of breast cancer, Peters embarks on a quest to find a gentler alternative to the mutilating radical mastectomy – and in the process sets the surgical world against her.

Character Breakdown:
HELEN, female, sixtyish, prim, conservative, fiercely loyal, wryly humourous nurse.
ROSE, female, early fifties, brash, earthy, fiesty, feminist, political, professor of sociology.
VERA, female, early fifties, caring, compassionate, yet quietly driven, chain smoking cancer specialist, accomplished medical professional, very “put together”.
FRANK, male, early thirties, young, impressionable, thoughtful, ambitious greenhorn surgeon.
BERNIE, male, fifties, conservative, intelligent, chauvinistic, surly, blunt, yet vulnerable Chief of Surgery.

Alumnae Theatre encourages diversity in its membership and casting. This is a non-paying engagement.



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