“Stepping Out” (all roles) audition notice

"Stepping Out" by Richard Harris. Jan 22 - Feb 6, 2016

“Stepping Out” by Richard Harris.
Jan 22 – Feb 6, 2016

Here’s the full audition notice for all roles in Alumnae Theatre Company’s  January production, Stepping Out. We are seeking actors with some dance skills, tap dancers who also act, and a class accompanist.


AUDITION DATES: Sept 25 – Oct 4, 2015.

REHEARSALS: various evenings & weekends beginning mid-Oct.

PERFORMANCE DATES: Jan 22 – Feb 6, 2016

TO REQUEST AN AUDITION SLOT: Please e-mail steppingoutjanuary@gmail.com.

Please include your résumé, headshot, age range, character you are interested in auditioning for (see breakdown below) and phone number. Type “Audition” and your name in the subject line. Only candidates selected to audition will be contacted. More info at www.alumnaetheatre.com/auditions.html


Stepping Out by Richard Harris

Directed by Brenda Darling

Choreographer: Alyssa Martin

 At a weekly tap dance class with a vivacious ex-pro and her vegetarian pianist, eight mismatched beginners joyfully exchange their hum-drum lives for “tap, step, ball change, cramp roll…  hey, pick up your feet”.  Secrets tumble out. Conflicts arise. Friendships grow. Then suddenly it’s  serious…


Tap Teacher:

MAVIS – 40; former professional tap dancer. Vivacious dance teacher of amateur adults. Smoker.  Has an irresponsible boyfriend; quietly terminates her pregnancy. Misses the bright lights; dreams creating her own company. Competitive; loves to tap.

Piano Accompanist: (no dancing required, simple rhythmic pieces, one skilled flourish)
MRS. FRASER – 50-65; vegetarian; prides herself on her pessimism; disapproves of many things. Suspects students of avoiding paying. Feels her superior piano skill goes unrecognized in class. Was neighbourly refuge as Mavis grew up in broken home; protective of Mavis. Reads women’s magazines ardently; wears classic, practical clothing. Mrs. Fraser plays simple rhythmic pieces; she doesn’t dance.


Competent Dancers (need some tap experience so you can shine in the grand finale):

LYNNE – 19-22; eager to please; is a nurse-in-training still upset by deaths.  Once had dreams to be a professional dancer but is more ‘practical now’: getting herself ‘set-up’ before serious boyfriends or marriage.  Coaches & encourages Dorothy.  Has taken ballet & tap several years – her tap is good, is light on her feet.

VERA – 35-40; neat & proper as a pin; immaculate makeup and dyed red hair; expensive clothing reminiscent of a high-class tart.  Constantly tidying up after classmates; scrubs the bathroom. Likes to gossip. Harbours her secret that she was a pregnant teenage bride who married a dominant older man who has “improved” her with speech & etiquette lessons.  Learns quickly to dance primly & efficiently.

MAXINE – mid-40s-early 50s; good figure. A smoker.   Good salesperson; has a high-end second-hand clothing store. Married 3 times, big rocks on her finger.   Feels useless as stepmother of disrespectful teenager; mothers her classmates with a supply of dance gear. Somewhat insensitive, she unintentionally offends with comments on classmates’ weight or health and teases Geoffrey implying he’s gay. Is a confident, competent, natural dancer, the best mover of the class.


New Students (knowing tap is preferred but at minimum need some style of dance experience or ability to learn steps quickly to execute top-notch dance finale):

GEOFFREY – mid-40s – the only male in class. His wife is dead, and adult son lives in another city. Works in shipping insurance. Tries to avoid being noticed; non-confrontational. His briefcase & suit are rather worn. He watches people & notices details; is helpful whenever possible. His tap is limited but competent; surprisingly he plays a short but mean boogie on piano.

ROSE – mid-40s; Trinidadian, Christian, in a 20-year love marriage with 3 kids; grumps about her man. Comfortable in her skin. A book-keeper; worries prejudice is preventing her son from landing a job and worries how he’s becoming disrespectful. Unsuccessfully tries to straighten her hair. Befriends Sylvia and gives her some money. Has little sense of rhythm but loves every minute of tap class.

ANDY – mid-30s- 40s; inclined to stoop, defensive about her personal life; selects clothing to hide bruises by her husband. Collects signatures petitioning government to consult citizens; volunteers with blind seniors. Has a couple of angry outbursts in class. Considers tap the only thing she “does for herself all week” but taps without any co-ordination whatsoever.

SYLVIA – 30-40; bubbly, overly-ample curves which she sees as obese; uses self-depreciating humour about her body, her intelligence, her marriage and even her character. Money is very tight; she expects failure but carries on. Addicted to chewing gum. Her husband does odd jobs under the table. Tap skill isn’t very good but she doesn’t give a damn.

DOROTHY – 30-45; anxious, bird-like; worries about nearly everything. Considers all “blacks” are thieves. Unmarried and bitter that she is sole care-provider of invalid mother; longs to do something exciting with her life. No confidence in her own abilities.  Taps with extravagant ungainly movements.


Please note this is a non-paying engagement.


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