Shirley Barrie to be honoured with Playwrights Guild of Canada Lifetime Membership Award

From the PGC website

Shirley Barrie

Shirley Barrie

Playwrights Guild of Canada is proud to announce that Shirley Barrie will be awarded PGC’s Lifetime Membership Award.

She was selected as PGC’s Lifetime Membership Award recipient for her outstanding body of work as a Canadian playwright, in addition to her years of service to Playwrights Guild of Canada. Shirley was the president of PGC from 2009 – 2011, but she served on the board in various positions for 8 years. Shirley’s work is expansive, multifaceted and truly unique, including award-winning plays such as Straight Stitching, Carrying the Calf, and Revelation. Her extensive use of female historical characters (Beautiful Lady, Tell Me…, Queen Marie, etc.) is particularly noteworthy. As a producer, she co-founded the Tricycle Theatre in London, England with Ken Chubb and from 1989 to 2003 she was co-artistic director with Lib Spry of Straight Stitching Productions. Shirley’s most recent play, I am Marguerite, premiered at the Alumnae Theatre in 2015. She has recently been nominated for Best Toronto Playwright in NOW Magazine’s 2015 Best of Toronto Reader’s Choice Awards. Her creativity and diversity of artistic expression is greatly admired by her fellow playwrights.


Alumnae Theatre Company is delighted that one of its members is so honoured.  In addition to the credits listed above, Shirley’s play The Pear is Ripe was produced at Alumnae Theatre in 2001 – one of our first member-written plays to grace the Main Stage.  Measure of the World was part of Fireworks 2013, and most recently, Shirley dramaturged Chloe Whitehorn’s Divine Wrecks, which is part of this year’s FireWorks series in November.

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